The children of MintLeaf have been exploring farther and farther outward from the school. In all directions, they are learning about the area around us. From the Sai River to the north, the temples and parks to the west, the stonecutting shop to the east, to Tsuruya (+ more parks!) to the south; the children are building their strength and increasing their knowledge with every trip.

Last week, a group of children went farther than ever before and discovered a new park. It was a long walk, and perhaps they were tired, but they were also inspired! In the photo, we can see two girls hanging limply on the horizontal bars. Are they resting? Are they balancing? Are they looking at the world in a new way?

Well, while one of the teachers was watching, one of the girls said, “We are laundry!”
Now can you see it? They are hanging up to dry like freshly washed clothes! What a wonderful imagination and a hilarious way to play together!

After “hanging out” for awhile, one of the girls got down from the horizontal bars and ran to the slide/jungle gym (in photo), saying “The laundry is flying away in the wind!”. Her friend followed her, laughing. They really enjoyed being able to play together again after the Obon Holiday. We could see their happiness in their play, and hear their happiness in their speech.

While the children learn about the world around them, they are also learning about themselves and each other. As teachers, one of our duties is to observe the child’s interactions and try to understand them. Then we can facilitate positive experiences for the children and guide them as they explore the world and deepen their relationships with their classmates.

MintLeaf の子供たちは、学校から遠く離れた場所を探索しています。





写真では、2 人の少女が鉄棒にぐったりとぶら下がっているのが見えます。









教師としての私たちの義務の 1 つは、子供の相互作用を観察し、理解しようとすることです。